Saber vs Conocer

Saber and Conocer can be tricky and confusing when you are learning Spanish because they both often translate to the word “to know” in English. However, they are quite different.


Saber is used for knowledge of facts, information, and skills.

Saber – Present indicative tense

sabes sabéis
sabe saben

Yo sé bailar. → I know how to dance.
Tú sabes la verdad. → You know the truth.
Nosotros sabemos quien es ella. → We know who she is.


Conocer is used to show familiarity and relationship with people and places.

Conocer – Present indicative tense

conozco conocemos
conoces conocéis
conoce conocen

Yo conozco a José. → I know José.
Tú conoces Guatemala. → You know (are familiar with) Guatemala. *This implies that you have experience with Guatemala and you have more than just book knowledge about that place.
Conocemos un muy buen restaurante. → We know a really good restaurant.

 Practice 1

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