Present Irregulars pt2

The following groups of irregular verbs all have different patterns to their irregularities. Pay close attention!

-uir verbs

Verb that end in -uir (except –guir) will need a -y added after the -u in the same pattern as shoe/stem-changing verbs.
concluir → to conclude, to end
construir → to build
contribuir → to contribute
destruir → to destroy
distribuir → to distribute
huir → to flee
incluir → to include
influir → to influence
sustituir → to substitute

influyo influimos
influyes influís
influye influyen


-iar and -uar verbs

Some verbs that end in -iar and –uar will need an accent mark on -i or -u in the same pattern as shoe/stem changing verbs.
confiar (en) → to trust
enviar → to send
fiarse (de) → to trust
guiar → to guide
resfriarse → to catch cold
variar → to vary

guío guiamos
guías guiais
guía guían

continuar → to continue
actuar → to act
graduarse → to graduate

continúo continuamos
continúas continuáis
continúa continúan


-gir and -ger verbs

With verbs ending in -ger or -gir you will need to change the -g to a -j in the yo form.
afligir → to afflict, to grieve
coger → to grasp, to catch (this can also be a swear word in some places, so be careful!)
dirigir → to direct
escoger → to choose
exigir → to demand
fingir → to pretend
proteger → to protect
recoger → to gather, to pick up

exijo exigimos
exiges exigís
exige exigen


-guir verbs

Verbs that end in -guir will lose the -u if followed by -o or –a.
seguir → to follow (this one is also a stem changer)
distinguir → to distinguish
extinguir → to extinguish

extingo extinguimos
extingues extinguís
extingue extinguen


Practice 1

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