The verb ir means “to go” in Spanish. It is a tricky verb that is conjugated irregularly in most tenses. Here it is in present indicative.

yo voy nosotros vamos
vas vosotros vais
él, ella,
va ellos, ellas


Yo voy a la tienda. → I am going to the store. I go to the store.
Vamos de compras. → We are going shopping. We go shopping.
Tú vas al parque. → You are going to the park. You go to the park.


When you want to express that you are going to do something, simply use the verb ir + a + an infinitive form verb.

Yo voy a estudiar. → I am going to study.
Tú vas a leer. → You are going to read.
Nosotros vamos a ver el partido. → We are going to watch the game.
Ustedes van a tocar música. → You guys are going to play music.


Practice 1

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