Saber vs Conocer

Gapfill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Choose the correct form of saber or conocer in the present indicative tense to complete each sentence.

1. Yo cantar bien. (I know how to sing well.)
2. Yo a tu mamá. (I know your mom.)
3. Tú muchos chistes. (You know a lot of jokes.)
4. José Barcelona. (José is aquainted with Barcelona.)
5. Marcela y yo la mentira. (Marcela and I know the lie.)
6. Martín y Griselda jugar al fútbol. (Martín and Griselda know how to play soccer.)
7. ¿ tú a mi hermano? (Do you know my brother?)
8. Nosotros no al nuevo maestro. (We don´t know the new teacher.)
9. María si hay un buen restaurante por aquí. (María knows if there is a good restaurant around here.
10. Los estudiantes no al nuevo alumno. (The students don´t know the new student.)
11. Yo no al presidente, pero yo quien es. (I don´t know the president, but I know who he is.)
12. Nosotros hablar español. (We know how to speak Spanish.)